Greetings! Just an update on our schedule this season. We are currently awaiting dates for the NPL (Norwegian Paintball League) one Russian Series, two Russian events, one other series as well as confirmation of the MS dates and venues. As soon as we have all these dates in hand we will get our schedule rolling! For those of you in Norway, we are doing our best working with other series so that dates do not crash. Now before you go all bananas on us we have a perfect solution - if we cant be on hand personally to take care of capturing your superstar moves our partner in crime, Ståle Malkenes and his lovely wife to be will be on hand to cover you! No matter where in the world you are HyBrid Foto has got you covered!

PS...we are currently in negotations with several other photographers around the world that will be working in cooperation with HyBrid Foto...keep an eye here for more announcements!