oh how we have missed our Norwegian paintball family, but its time for a reunion! FINALLY things have come to place in our schedule for us to hit the biggest event in the season, Norwegian Masters!

We are hitting Slagen Paintball with two videographers, one photographer and maybe just maybe two more of the HyBrid crew might drop in for the fun.

As for compensation for our missing the 3rd event last seaons the following teams have a special offer. please read carefully. if you have any questions hit me up here or on Facebook (FB is best)

These teams will receive free coverage for NM, Please contact us and let us know what divisions you will have teams in and to arrange schedules.Teams that qualify for this compensation offer are: Mayhem, Havoc, Slagen Bandits NOTE!!! TEAMS HAVE TO BE SAME NAME AND SAME PLAYERS (CORE PLAYERS - NEW MEMBERS OR GUEST PLAYERS ARE OK) NO RENAMED TEAMS, NO ONE PERSON FROM ONE TEAM THATS NO LONGER A TEAM THATS PLAYING ON A NEW TEAM...ETC. If I have missed someone please send me a message. 3-man and 3-man ball limit does not qualify for the compensation offer.