Sorry is this is a stupid question and i have searched so mand threads bit i cant seem to find one to help me l.. But me and a buddy i work with are getting back into paintball we are from the boston area we have been out for 10 or so years and every time i try to get back into it i buy all the gear and have no firends to play with and i guess its been so long my self confidence is so low to play with people i dont know that i stop and sell my gear well this winter and next upcoming year i am 100% commiting myself to playing again i still have alot of gear to purchace but before the winter i will have everytning i just recently got a vicious ego 11 i love it abd plan on annodizing it before we start playing..but over the course of the week we both started talking about pump and maybe getting into playing i hear its fun but cost wise is it a little.cheaper? (My bills are pretty crazy right now) are the specific tournaments and maybe if i get better teamsi can try out for (that os typically my goal to make it on a team being pump or anything else would be awesome but honestly any abd all info on pump would be much appreciated thank you everyone i will still continue to search threads to find answeres but hopefully i can find them all here

Oh and also what is a good mid range and high end pump for best cocker to ccm mysef seemd people really like to do that instead.

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